Home workout with a wobbelboard


There is no time for gym…
If you can find only 10 minutes a day for training, you will get a result in a month! Siberian board helps people to be health and fit. Yes, it’s real! You can practice at home in your free time in a quiet environment.
• Using rocker board, you can train only 10 minutes a day instead of 35-minute exercises on bike lane, 25 minutes on running track and 20 minutes on ellipse. You get a complex practice, work on fat-burning and as a result you’ll be more muscular and slim.
• Simple and easy construction of a board is its advantage:
o It’s for everyone, young mothers, office workers, sportsmen;
o Guarantee of the long-term usage;
o It easy to keep;
o It can replace other fitness equipment.
• All exercises you need are on our Instagram and on our website. It is easy to find them and this spares your time and money. You don’t need a lot of time to get to gyms and don’t need to buy an expensive pass anymore.
If you appreciate your health and time, the Siberian rocker board is exactly for you!

What will you get during the rocker board training?
o You will lose your weight and be fit
o Stretching without any injuries
o Improving of your posture
o You can get rid of the hunched back for health of your spine
o Strong stomach-, legs- and buttocks muscles
o Relief from backache without any remedies
o Improving of your vestibular system
o You will make your muscles stronger
o Improving of heart and lung rates
o Improvement of your coordination
• Your figure is getting slimmer and health is better. As a result your mood will be great!
Start right now and in a month you’ll see a result and be surprised!

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