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Comprehensive development through movement and cerebellar stimulation!

The Siberian board finds its application in many areas of our life:
👍✅ free game that develops imagination,
👍 ✅ fun exercises at home,
👍 ✅ classes with specialists in development centers.

Our balancer is used:
✅ ✅ to strengthen asanas in yoga classes.
✅ ✅fitness in fitness centers and at home, for adults and children,
✅ ✅for the correction of the developmental characteristics of children (ZPR, ZPRD, autism spectrum disorders, socialization, RDA, ADHD and others),
✅ ✅for the rehabilitation of children and adults, exercise therapy.
✅ ✅ to enhance the effect in classes with a speech therapist-defectologist, when starting, staging and correcting speech, when working with dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.
✅ ✅ in neuropsychologist classes, including parent-child family classes.

Siberian board helps to improve the quality of our life!

Performing exercises on the Siberian board by age, your child receives the necessary knowledge to develop skills that will be useful to him in the future.

💥The balance skill helps to control your body in space:
✅ ✅to improve agility,
✅ ✅to improve motor planning,
✅ ✅preparation for cycling, running, dancing, playing sports (surfing, snowboarding, horse riding, figure skating).

💥 The ability to control and feel your body in space has a positive effect on the emotional-volitional sphere:
✅ ✅ favorably affects the control of your actions,
✅ ✅ behavior and retention of attention,
✅ ✅ decision-making,
✅ ✅ speed of thinking
👉✅ patience and concentration and curiosity when learning in the future, which will increase the success of the child.

Exercising on the Siberian board with your child in a playful way, you will prepare and strengthen the foundation for physical, emotional and intellectual development!
After all, his body and brain will already have the necessary skills, work more efficiently than others. 💪
All useful and necessary information is easier to assimilate now and in the future of a successful person!

Adult or child?

⠀ Most frequently asked question. Which board should you choose?

⠀ Our Siberian Board is a unique exercise toy, the recommended age of use is from 6 months to 99 years. We produce 3 board options:

✅ starter (for age 0-4 years) (size 70 * 22 cm – weight 2 kg.) – will withstand a load of 50 kg

✅children (for ages 3-9 years) (size 94 * 30 cm – weight 3.5 kg.) – can withstand a load of 120 kg

✅ adult (for the age of 5 – 99 years) (size 120 * 30 cm – weight 4.5 kg.) – can withstand a load of 150 kg

⠀⠀ If it is not possible to buy a set of simulators, then you need to focus on the composition of the family. For example, in a family there are 3 children (2, 7, 11 years old) and an active mother (who wants to get in shape by the summer). In this case, of course, we choose an adult board, since the older generation prevails in the family In terms of convenience, an adult board will be more convenient for a child than a children’s board for an adult.

 We have presented several types of Siberian board decoration!

Like a Waldorf toy, it was conceived without unnecessary details in order to maximize children’s imagination and thinking! We were able to make minimal changes that allowed us to keep the idea and make the board even better!

You can order the original balancer and with additional coating!

1 ORIGINAL – the trainer is covered with an eco-friendly water-based varnish (certified for children’s products), perfectly sanded by hand and the ends are rounded, which protects the board from chips. Unlike straight ends, which are prone to chipping and splitting, the board should be used on soft floor surfaces. If there are no soft surfaces in the room, we recommend buying a FELT or CORK board.

2.COLOR – Neuro-trainers with original colors, colors are applied by hand. The color is applied while maintaining the texture of the wood. If you want an exclusive color, you can order it additionally. We recommend using the board on soft floor surfaces.

2 – FELT – Siberian board with felt covering, recommended in the absence of soft floor coverings at home. The advantages are more stable balance and additional protection of the board from damage. The felt covering will add additional tactile and visual sensations. In Europe, they mainly buy exercise equipment with felt only. You can order any of 7 board colors.

3 – CORK – Siberian Board with cork – cork is not recommended for children under 3 years old and children with special needs, as the material can crumble. The cork makes the balance as stable as possible. You can order any of 7 board colors.

4- ILLUSION- Siberian Board with a special coating – in the dark you can paint with light, after drawing the board keeps the light up to 3 hours. This is an additional art therapy, additional capabilities of a multifunctional simulator. The coating is certified and safe for the child. You can choose the color of the board itself and the covering (felt or cork). You can order any of 7 board colors.

Attention! When ordering the Siberian Board FELT | CORK | ILLUSION at no extra charge – you can choose the color of the board ORIGINAL | VENGE | VALDIS | PURPLE, and the color of the felt photo below

When ordering Siberian Board, each client is sent an SMS with the order number and a link to the lessons. The link is secret, please do not distribute or download information, this violates copyright. More than 30 lessons were recorded by specialists at our request. Many shops are aimed only at selling goods. We have a unique store, we also sell high-quality products and give a lot of information on the use of our simulators.

👌 We are happy to share the usefulness in gratitude for your order, and we ourselves cannot even imagine how huge the amount of usefulness that we will show is, because the collection of free lessons and exercises is constantly growing!
We know that our work brings help to people and we are grateful for your feedback.

🙏We will become a mobile collection to improve the quality of life for children and adults. You do not need to search the entire Internet for information bit by bit – we are always ready to answer your requests and record new videos and exercises that are interesting to you on cerebellar stimulation and yoga, games and fitness.

And the number of such exercises will constantly increase! 👍We want to see more happy and confident people in the world. 


Delivery usually take 30 business days to reach any destination, but some unavoidable situations it will go for more than 60 working days (USA and CANADA)


We have been shipping orders to other countries for over 3 years.
We are located in Russia, but we are ready to quickly deliver our goods to other countries of the world, Europe and the USA.
We ship to your address, please contact us with in processing time to change given address.
We carefully pack all the goods so that the buyer receives the goods flawlessly.
We will ship the products through delivery services within 2-5 business days after ordering and received payment.
We  accept PayPal or payment on the site

Our Siberian board is primarily intended for indoor use☝

You can definitely play with it outdoors, but it can wear out faster!

It is also worth mentioning humidity💧, sunlight🌞, which can have a negative effect on the condition of the product!

🚩 Remember how you will operate the board – the service life and its appearance will depend.

Asphalt, concrete pavement can especially negatively affect the base of the board.

⚠As an option, use it on the grass, after laying an additional covering – a small rug, for example, or a foam covering.

This will extend the life of your rockerboard!

For those who want to save money and get an additional discount💲

The JOINT PURCHASING program is very popular now!

We also did not stand aside😊

… We offer you to organize a SZ for your city or for your friends👍

… You will save on the cost of boards, delivery.

.🚩 You can check wholesale prices by Leaving a request on the website.

Shipment after 100% payment occurs in 7-10 days. Delivery is paid additionally upon receipt of the owl board at the Transport company

Our Siberian board has become very popular, it is very joyful, because it helps many people! However, popularity brings with it a dark side – fakes … This is very sad. We monitor the quality of our products. And unscrupulous people counterfeit our goods, violating the production technology, using toxic paints and varnishes and not certified raw materials! All this, including poor-quality processing, entails a breach of safety in the use of the product and a threat to the health of adults and children! This is terrible! Dear customers and subscribers! Before deciding to buy online, make sure you are looking at an authentic product! This also applies to other purchases over the Internet! Bona fide shops value their reputation, are always ready for open dialogue and evidence-based documentation. Make sure the product reviews and photos, which you are about to purchase are real! Bona fide stores always have publics where you can check information! If you see our product somewhere, feel free to write to me and ask for reliable information! Use these recommendations for all online purchases! Sincerely, your Nata.

Recommendations for choosing :

  1. The store must have social media and real reviews
  2. The board must be perfectly sanded, burrs can injure the child
  3. All ends of the board must be rounded and sanded – this is expensive and can only be done by hand. A straight edge will lead to delamination and cracking of the board.
  4. The manufacturer must use only certified, safe materials. If the board is perfectly smooth, then a toxic polyurethane varnish is used – harmful to children.
  5. The logo should be perfectly applied, not a high-quality logo – smudges and smudges, they speak of a violation of the production technology and, as a result, its poor durability.